March 9, 2010

the fall back plan.

I am, like most other people, a whole fantastical list of adjectives and descriptive phrases, positive and negative, which even in summation fails to even break the surface of the whole. I am fair skinned. short. freckled. very ticklish. I'm a mom. An avid reader. One of those people who can't whistle or roll their rr's even after their spanish speaking boytoy tried his best to instruct on this matter back when they were 18. I am dorky and sarcastic and near sided. I breathe music. I have a crooked smile. I'm honest. Sometimes too honest. I am always late and procrastinate. Fuck do I. I'm a daughter, a sister, and the coolest of aunts. A shower singer and skirt n heels wearer. A speeder, a tattooed, gum chewing liberal. A dreamer. I fancy myself a writer. I'm green eyed but not with envy and a Georgia accented pharmacy technician. I am also a grad student.

Grad school. Grad fucking school. I have this whole plan laid out that says I am smart, driven, goal oriented and motivated. I have a bachelor of science in criminal justice and am working on my master's in clinical psychology. So. The Big Plan. After I have my master's, I'd like to work in a state hospital on the forensic unit while I continue school to get a docorate and get licensed. The ultimate goal with the degree is to design and improve alternatives to incarceration programs which focus on rehabilitating nonviolent offenders instead of throwing them inside a prison cell to learn some better tricks of the trade. I also intend to rework the types of risk assessments used to determine which offenders are eligible and would benefit best from said alternative programs. I'm passionate on the subject. Soap-boxy even. In a nutshell, without sounding preachy, I think the criminal justice system is fucked, flawed beyond the comprehension of the general public, and if these types of programs are utilized more, we could see some improvement in budget restraints which tend to let violent criminals back onto the streets earlier as well as a drop in crime rates altogether. I want to make Obama except I'm short, white, and have huge tits.

But, here's the thing...I'm in school. I am in all kinds of school loan debt. I'm going through the motions and I am HONESTLY passion filled to the brim on the subject matter. However, I still, fuck still, think of this as my fall back plan.

What's that?


What's my for real plan?



I WANNA DANCE!!! (movie reference and for the love of the god i don't believe in, someone better get it)

Kidding. I want to own my own bar and write novels. That's it. That's pretty much all I have except for some ideas I have about what sort of goings on I'd like to have at the bar. Live music and all that. It's a huge difference from the well thought out, goal oriented, society benefiting deal from above. But, that's me. Some days I wear slacks, a nice pinstripe blouse, and a blazer to work paired with chuck taylors on my feet. I am, in so many ways, a big fucking contradiction. It's evident in everything I do when you're looking for the clues.

Why a bar? I dunno. I like alcohol? I mean, I do, but that's not it. This past year I took a 5 hour trek to Savannah to see 2 of my favorite bands play live at this awesome little bar on Congress Ave called The Jinx. Baroness and Kylesa. Both had started playing there at that bar, but it was Baroness' 2nd full length album release event. During their encore, Baizley, vocals and guitar, got pretty choked up talking about getting their start right there at the Jinx. I want to be a part of that.

And writing novels? I guess that should be obvious. I have a lot to say, I suppose.

So, if you have some ideas to raise funds in support of opening said bar, I will gladly give you a free "drinks for life" coupons to share with your co-conspirators.
March 8, 2010

i was a teenage groupie

I can't say for certain exactly what thought processes led to me deciding to move back in with my father after my parents divorced, but that's the way the story goes. Thinking back on it, maybe it was just too much change after my mom moved in with my soon to be stepdad. We'd gone from home, to a rental house, to his house in a pretty short amount of time. Or maybe I was pining away for my things, my bed, the home I grew up in. Or perhaps I was just being a little bit rebellious? Most likely it was a combination of change, missing home and rebellion with the gutteral fuck noises of my Ron Jeremy look alike stepdad and my mom's ooohing and aahing being the straw that broke the camel's back.

I sometimes went out to see my dad on weekends. I had friends out that way I'd hang out with and my dad had girlfriends who were pretty cool to me with kids who were the bee's knees from a barely-growing-hair-down-there girl's perspective. It wasn't really a stretch to see why I thought moving back would be a good bit of fun. But, my dad was also a drug dealer and his girlfriends' kids and their friends and his "clients'" kids were all getting drugs from him and were definitely into sharing. In pretty short order, I introduced myself to booze. He introduced me to the customers. They introduced me to pot. It would be a long term love affair...

Several of my new pothead friends were in a band. A BAND. *girl scream* They had long hair...ratty, frizzy, Cobain style grunge hair. Well, except for B on bass. I think he drank enough PBR to forever prevent himself from growing any at all. These guys were all considerably older than me. I was only in 8th grade and some of them were actually already out of school. They played alternative/grunge rock when that was the absolute shit. They gave me drugs. They didn't really mind me tagging along (the guitarist's girlfriend and i had become pretty close after her mom started banging my dad). The world was a grand place from my glassy eyed view even though I spent a good bit of my time just trying to find my place.

Eventually, to seal my worth in this little group, I helped myself to dad's stash and sold it for less than he did. Considerably less. It's a cutthroat business. But, that's another story.

The band, let's call them the Dirty Pussy Magnets, played house parties, in fields, for birthdays, for the fuck of it, took part in locals shows and practiced once or twice a week. They had a uhaul type trailer for hauling equipment on out of town shows with their name spray painted on and such. They really weren't bad. They weren't great either but maybe they could have been. Instead, they lived a rock n roll life before they were even rocknrollas. Everything involved pot and booze and partying. Even in between the shows and crowded practices, we hung out and listened to music and ate candy and stayed stoned. Sliced turkey and skittles makes a fine meal, by the way. I think once we spent half a night laying on someone's floor listening to Janis Joplin looking at glow in the dark stars....that says it all.

We were out back counting stars with hum, destroying sweaters with weezer, and strutting our stuff with the violent femmes.

My life, quite honestly, resembled a combination of dazed and confused and almost famous except these guys were 'won't ever come close to famous' unless being arrested for drug possession counts. Which a couple of them were... oh and the singer also had part of his pinky bitten off by a monkey.

Here's a soundtrack from the times...hope it brings back some memories.

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man that chick is fat!

so I don't care about the oscars. there is something a tiny bit vain about a large number of people who make a shit ton of money (other than the german animators for short films - they always wear rented suits), prancing around in tuxes and gowns and free borrowed jewellery and who are you wearing tonights? and oh you're so loverlys and who might this young miss be with you george clooneys? and congratulating themselves for 8 hours while listening to droning aged comedians perform a cavalcade of has-been schlock. tiny bit vain.

i care about when shit goes right. when the stanley cup comes back to canada, that's a good thing. but when it goes to detroit, that's good too, cuz they're practically canadian and that city is hurting.


-hey T. i saw star trek last night and it was possibly the most retarded movie i have ever seen. ever.
-hey WA. are you insane? it was the best of the series! do you like drowning puppies too?
-hey T. i do. and it wasn't.
-hey WA. What about Avatar? i mean that movie was excellent. Excellent! and the story really sucks you in, you hardly think about the fact that you're watching giant blue people.
-hey T. I haven't seen it. mostly because you explained how dumb it is just now. a love story in space during a last of the mohicans rehash? i like D. Day Lewis just fine thanks.
-hey WA. but it's amazing! you gotta see it. oh man...i don't even know you anymore!
-hey T. you're my boss. so i will nod and listen as you spout off on the grand cinematic adventure that is the great alien native extermination yadda yadda, but i will not be seeing it anytime soon.


so maybe, just maybe. i might have seen it had it won a worthwhile oscar. this did not happen. by a longshot.

instead, hurt locker won. hurt locker wasn't all that amazing either... i mean... a couple disposal guys whack 2 iraqui snipers after the iraqui guys waste like 11 SAS guys? fucking please.

so what went right last night? Hurt locker, directed by Kathryn Bigelow, who used to be married to James Cameron, cleaned up. fucking excellent.

also... i masturbated to the lovely sounds of Jesus Jones after my midnight snack...

March 7, 2010

Killing A Killer....whale

May 2, 2013

All Rise For The Honorable Judge Ito!

This court is now in session for the State of Florida vs Tilikum aka Tilly the killer whale...

Murmurs rippled through the courtroom as those words took America across a new threshold. For the first time in our history, this great nation is holding an animal legally accountable for harms caused to a human being. Florida vs Tilly is a landmark case--a point where our history will be divided into a before and after.

It has been an emotional 3 years for many since Tilly first murdered his 40 year old trainer in February of 2010. Those close to the woman have wanted to see justice served while the rest of the nation has been divided by intense, heated debate over this tragic story...and for good reason.

Tilikum the killer whale is an orca who has resided at Seaworld Orlando since 1992. Tilly, as he is more affectionately known, participates regularly in the park's Shamu shows, has sired many of the other resident orcas, and is well liked among many of the trainers there. He seems to have it made...but he also has a dark side. Tilly has a violent record dating back to 1991, the year before he became a part of Seaworld Orlando. At that time he was in Victoria, Canada and along with a couple other whales, drowned his trainer. This was the first time an orca killed a trainer and Tilly was part of it. Then again in 1999, a body of a man was found in Tilly's tank. Apparently, the man had snuck in after hours and either fallen or had been pulled into the tank by Tilly. Either way, his body was beaten and scratched by the whale. Extreme consequences for a small case of trespassing... And again in 2010 with this case...pulling in his trainer by her braid and dragging her around the tank.She ultimate died from several traumatic injuries and drowning. In the days after her death, experts emerged who painted \Tilly as a cold, caculating killer who had shown his thirst for murder throughout his life and would continue killing. His blood thirst had not stopped with fish and had in fact, moved on to humans. It was these experts who called for Tilly to be executed immediately in the most humane but cost effective way possible.

But that's not where the argument ends. Animal rights activists have lobbied for Tilly and his orca brethren to be set free to live peacefully in the ocean and have government officers fly out once weekly with hundreds of pounds of fish to the orcas' GPS monitored location to ensure these creatures are getting enough to eat. This kind of death, representatives of the Animal Liberation Front stated, proves exactly why an animal should never be made to perform on command for human enjoyment. Tragic consequences will always result. Christian groups such as the American Family Association have called for Tilly to be stoned to death as stated in Exodus 21:28 in the Bible. "When an ox gores a man or woman to death, the ox shall be stoned, and its flesh shall not be eaten, but the owner shall not be liable." The group continues though stating that later in this scripture, if the animal is not stoned and kills another man or woman, the owner is to be executed right along with the animal. AFA wants Seaworld execs stoned right along with Tilly for not carrying out Biblical law back in 1991 for the first incident.

On the flip side, Seaworld has been battling for years now because Tilikum is such a large investment for the company. Even before the addition of current court fees, the cold blooded killer was worth over $10 million. He continues to be an asset even with court fees as he has continued to sire offspring while the battle progressed. Seaworld has also stated Tilly does not have the capacity to plan out a murder nor is he a vicious murderer. The trainer knew the risks and safety procedures have been modified to better protect other trainers. To their credit, there has not been another incident in the last 3 years, and even the trainer's own family has stated she would absolutely not want anything to happen to the animal. There has also been a public outcry to save Tilly's life. He has been a source of love and joy for many.

That split on public opinion is what led us all to this point. A decision had to be made and evidence needed to be presented in an unbiased setting. The court proceedings officially began a year ago when documents were first filed and Seaworld paid Tilly's $1 million bond. since then we have seen battle after battle to get this case thrown out of court. Wiley defense attorneys won a change of venue hoping the costs of transporting the whale to California for trial would prevent it from ever being presented in court. No go. America is serious. The animal has to step up to the plate this time.

The DA , in a quick interview after court began today, has stated that the death penalty will be sought in this case. "Americans put this whale, this killer, in a safe environment. We feed him and care for him. We allow him to perform at regular intervals for our sheer entertainment and pleasure gaining him the love of so many and we will not tolerate such willful, malicious disobedience. I will not rest until he pays for the life he has taken..."

portrait of a killer
by and large, i enjoy my interactions online. sometimes there are people who make you want to give up on it altogether though. if i were a bit more cunty, i wouldn't have blipped out this guys info and i would post his big mustache having face up here with a big warning.

2/24/2010 9:53 a.m. A chance for two.

All i can say is wow. and your absolutly right i didn't put a lot of thought in my person, but i did tell the truth. i like tats too. I have4 myself andthey all stand for some part of my life.I admit I am a southern boy, and really prowd of my heratige. I'm not ashamed of who i am and i am rare in the fact that i have a big heart.And i'm the kind of man a women can be proud of.There's something that i like about you, but i'm not quit sure what? But maybe you'll give this redneck a chance,and i do talk from my heart, and hopefully this little segment did not bore you? Oh! I'm very new to this so if you do write? you should know that i only get on the comp at my mothers, may tile buisness has slowed and i don't have a comp at my house, so it's when i'm over here that i check mail. Unfortunatly that's not all that often. but if things were to work out, i'm sure we'll find a way. here's Too you, simple but sweet! And i really enjoyed reading about you! Hopefully you like southern rednecks.

2/24/2010 10:02 a.m. feet

 I did forget to tell you that i have a thing for pretty feet, but the rest does look very nice...

2/24/2010 11:28 a.m. contact

I really would like to get to know you! I'm only here for today and i know it's a little much, but if you don't try you won't know. So I would like to invite you to see my face book page and possably, you'll have a chance to just know more.You did say you liked the chase.we'll it'll be today, or until next time.(facebook)Jeffrey m Bailey. If you friend me,then if you don't like what you see, then i'll bug. HOPEFULL!

2/24/2010 4:12 p.m. chance

Hey again! I guess when i really like someone i like them to know.I'm only wanting to talk to you. I know we are probably from 2 diff worlds. but i think if you wereto get to know me you would not think that we are to far apart.I'm leaving later to go home.monticello,and it will be a little before i get to see if you write.I'm normally not this forward, but i guess i'm making up today for going to be gone and wanted to answer any dought that you may have to my true intentions. I need honesty,as well as adventure. I like country but listen to 99.9fm really can't stand 104.1fm, not the music, but the constant junk(slong boy and silly)however; I don't mind Raford. I think he's cool. I would like to ride my Harley on one of his trips. Hopefully the economy will pic up and i'll be able to not penny pinch so much.I've bought a camper and have yet to use it.I did live in it for a few months, while i was trying to buy my 1st place, but when i moved to my new house,well the economy went south and i'm waiting.Ithink you are beautiful and would love to meet you and i really liked your honesty and could tell it in your letter. Alot of the movies you picked, well all are some of my favorites,and i thought that no one else liked the dark crystal but me. Odd little movie.I really liked the bird's.I'd have to say that my newest movie that i've bought latly..maximum overdrive..great..Your the 1st girl i've ever tried to get to know on any site. I would like to think that you can see that i'm not just looking for anyone for just anything. I'm into survival,because oneday if need be i'll be able to take care of the people i need to. I guess you could say i'm more red than anything else. But in school i was always considered pop,and I was just my self.But i'm honest, trusting,funny,smart,and extremly loyal.I would like to get to talk to you and see for sure if we click, but if not...well.Good luck with all of your asperations,and hpoefully we'll talk later.

(all of this came while i was at work, so i log in to discover all these messages. needless to say, just that much freaked me the fuck out. but like an idiot, i tried to be nice because he seemed like he had no fucking clue about the internet or technology or anything unrelated to nascar and bass fishin'... and admittedly i fucking l o v e southern rednecks who are prowd of their heratige)

my reply:

2/24/2010 7:07 p.m. re: contact

how big is your thing for feet?

2/26/2010 5:02 p.m. misunderstood

I thought that i got a message from yo , but
i guess i was wrong. iwas exited
but , anyway I came to mom's to see if you wrote back. You did say exept for disappointment.... ok

2/26/2010 5:12 p.m. wondering

I don't know if you wrote back. Iwould love to here from you I think we would be good together. this comp. thing is new to me, i've always just been in const, and figured that i would meet some one by chance. but ....well i really liked your profile and thought to take a chance... maybe if you sent a mess.. i'll get it this time .i came home just for you. but i'll bee here till tommorrow, then i
have to go home to go back to work. hope you have a wonderful evening either way! ....later

2/26/2010 5:20 p.m. re:re: contact

 If i just got your message? About feet... well.. i think that it all starts at the bottom and goes up from there. I'm not just especially hooked on feet but, i would really like to rub preetty little toes, than some really messed up ones. but i do know how ever that, that is a little immature. but i dought that you have ugly feet. the rest of you looks so great!

2/26/2010 5:51 p.m. well,

Just to tell the truth, i like to be really close to the person i'm with \, but it's been years so i would like for them to be nice. I want to rubb, after work, sitting around the house,lay one end of the couch to another, up close...... mybe some kissing...there the truth...

2/26/2010 6:14 p.m. just another look

had to see and i'm sure yours are just fine... are you missing some???toes i mean??lol..sorry.. i hope not..!!

2/26/2010 6:26 p.m. lyink

I am getting of for a bit ...tired of playing begewld...just was see if maybe you would come around till tommorrow....drop me a gave me a great feeling inside.....i think we'll be cool...later..

(once again this crazy fuck bombed my box and not in a way that i enjoy. i mean this is creepy.)

my reply:

2/26/2010 7:02 re: lyink

I'm really not looking for the same things you are, I don't think. You should look at the sites I have listed on my page. You might figure some things out

(i'd actually gone to this guy's profile at this point wondering if this could be a joke or something....jesus. i read this: 'I enjoy building,making things, all kinds of things,knives,pelts,sheds,decks,showers,traps.I enjoy trying to live like people did when things were not so easy.(ref,lights,etc....) I love to hunt,camping,gardening,watching dvd's. And i want to do all these things with the love of my life.' did this motherfucker really just say that he enjoys building traps, showers, and knives? and how do you build a pelt? does that mean he likes taking them off with the knives he builds? perhaps the pelts of online girls with pretty feet? oh my... he probably makes them shower on his deck then sets them free in the woods near the back of his property...waits to hear them scream. screams mean they've been caught in his traps....)

2/26/2010 10:28 pm re:re: lyink

like what are you a whore.....i don't judge...but maybe i was wronge in this case....looking for something right was my fault.....or am i to know something else .....what are you trying to say...

(i'm trying to say that it explicitly says in my profile that i'm not looking for anything long term. that's not my goal. and it also explicitly states that i'm a no redneck kind of girl...but since you probably didn't read any of that, i'd waste my time with another message so fuck this)

2/26/2010 n10:31 re:re: lyink

like hurt...

2/26/2010 11:20 pm re: re: lyink

 like what links...are you gay... i'm not sure or have ever been on here(the int) to much but please explaine...

(why is it that men think that just because a girl's not into them, she might be a dyke? and jesus christ are all of them this desperate?)

2/26/2010 11:25 pm back 

what links...did i miss something...I thought you were beautiful and would love to meet you, what did i miss....?????

(the scariest part of all is that i'm not even online when he's sending all these. imagine if i were...fuck)

2/26/2010 11:48 pm re: re: lyink

what site's i told you all this is new to me... i thought you were for real...

2/27/2010 10:15 am Hey!

Well I need to say that i'm sorry..I should have not asked such a bad question...I acually thought we were starting to get some were. Imean you did respond..I felt really good in side. but i guess that i need to let you tell me what you want if anything.I think you know what I am looking for. Not just sex ,but with you Iwould have to say i think it would be awsome!!!well if you do want to talk some one who likes to be in the conversation you have said very little. look forward to talking..later...JMB

(crazy, crazy, crazy)

3/3/2010 8:27 am re: re: contact

Back for today...or for a little while..noticed your not responding to me any more??

3/3/2010 8:28 am re: re: lyink

I would go and look at the sites, but i figured the best way to get to know someone is to talk.... but what do i know??

3/3/2010 11:27 am patient

Glad to see your here!Hope you have a good day today?Have you had any luck with this in the past? I don't know if it's all what anyone thinks it should be.To send a message is so informal. And I don't come across as i do in person. Probably because typing and the comp isn't my thing. I'm glad that I took a chance on you ,but not glad, that i'm a dunce on the words i sometimes use and am not right about the things that i try to say!I guess we all make mistakes, and that is what i'm trying not to do here. But as you can see... life is just chance..and would still love to talk..if just to be friends.

3/3/2010 5:01 pm lyink...last...unless...

I feel hurt you were the one, i thought for sure and thought we'd get to talk...But i guess there is more for me to learn about this stuff than i obviously know. If i offended you in any way? For that I am truly SORRY!! Sometimes i get a little exited and everytihing gets messed up. I raelly do think we alt to talk more or you could tell me your self what your looking for. Or maybe not...If you did in your life need or want a really good man in all aspects of life you were lucky enough to have him come calling.If i don't hear from you I get the picture. I've been called alot of things but..dumb isn't one of them. Even if i was raised southern and like boots and all kinds of other things, I;m a real and good hearted person. Most of all i wish you the best... in what ever it is you are truely looking for...Oh, and thanks for at least the chance? PS... i'm going to keep one of your photos...sentemental i guess..of if you want to send me that pic of your toes...b*******

3/3/2010 5:05 pm patient (are you fucking kidding me?)

or if you""d call....850******

about me. not really.

dear you,

i don't talk about my child or being a mom. i don't talk about my garden. i won't mention my craftiness (often) or how much i save each week with coupons. if you're looking for that sort of thing, you're in the wrong place.

instead, let's abandon the tethers of domestication for a moment and remember what it's like to laugh at vulgarity and the world at large.



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